The commercial management is the function responsible for making the organization known and open to the outside world, it deals with two fundamental problems, customer satisfaction and participation or the increase of its market, given this, it is necessary to develop an adequate system of quality, an efficient customer service department and quality products or services. Today this management must be mostly DIGITAL.

By: Alvaro López #MundosDigitalesICONO. The Commercial Management is the one that carries out the exchange relationship of the company with the market. If we analyze this from the point of view of the productive process, the commercial function or management would be the last stage of this process, because through it the company’s products are supplied to the market and in return it contributes economic resources to it. Now, the commercial management is not only the last stage of business process, since contemplated this way it would only fulfill an exclusive function of sale and, nevertheless the commercial management comprises from the study of market until arriving at the sale or placement of the product to consumer or customer disposition, including sales strategies, and the sales policy in the business sector (everything related to setting objectives, incentive system in case these objectives are reached and, where appropriate, control of the breach as well as the degree and the causes thereof).

Commercial management is an essential part of the functioning of organizations: decisions regarding which markets to access; with what products; what price policy to apply; how to develop an efficient commercial system … they are part of the day to day of the organizations, as well as being aspects that emanate directly from the decisions derived from the corporate strategy.

The bottlenecks of companies are in their COMMERCIAL areas

In large companies and corporations, where the strategic planning process is standardized, the strategic decisions that affect commercial performance are the result of the definition of objectives established at the highest corporate level. the commercial management itself, loses this “strategic content”, and focuses on how to operatively solve the dilemmas raised in the corporate strategy: Many of our clients have asked us for support in the international commercial management of their company, that we only act as an extension of their commercial department temporarily, for this reason we have differentiated this service from the previous ones.

If your company has advanced in the development of the market and needs to increase its sales force or is trying to access new markets, we function as your international sales. If you plan to launch an international sales campaign and need extra support for your sales team, we can act as commercial for your company during the activation of the market, working together with your International Sales department. On the other hand, if you need to develop suppliers to obtain raw materials or specific products, we can support your International Purchasing department.

It is a reinforcement to your Sales / International Purchases department for certain projects and markets. The flexibility, professionalism and experience of our work system and team of people allows us to guarantee the effectiveness of all our services.

More info on 52 + 1 (33) 1412 7084 we are#AltaCorporativoMKT


En ICONO nuestras Comunidades Digitales son claves para el posicionamiento de nuestros clientes de PORTADAS o “COVERS”. Todos y cada uno de ellos han logrado ir conquistando posiciones en la web, a partir de la publicación de pequeños reportajes que permiten enlazar a sus propias web´s y redes sociales con nuestros servicios de publicaciones.

En ICONO Los medios pasan de informar a conectar, van más allá de las fronteras entrelazando sus contenidos con una fusión directa sobre sus audiencias. Hoy la evolución se concentra en temas de conectividad, de intercambio de información dinámicos, clicks, links, redes… todo en imágenes, multimedia de gadget y relaciones interpersonales que dejan atrás las reglas y fronteras tal y como se conocen en los últimos 20 siglos.



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